Why another cooking blog?

I decided to create this blog as a way for family and friends to see what I'm cooking and to share interesting food related tidbits I come across.
I'm frequently asked for recipes so I thought this would be a good place to start collecting the old, new, and funky recipes that I have.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

"You're making me into a food snob"

Jeff and I went to eat dinner last night, while sitting at our table he said, and I quote "You're making me into a food snob".
Actually he muttered it. As IF this is a BAD thing.
I in turn said "There is nothing wrong with being a food snob. That just means you know what good food is."
Then he said "<silence>" and scooped another bite of my bliss-filled brisket burrito into his mouth.
Then I said "before you met me, you didn't know what constituted good food."
He in turn shoveled a bite of his chicken enchiladas in his mouth. I think what he was trying to say is, "before I met you food was food and I ate it".
Now with me food is an experience!
Look what I have done for him. He should be thanking me.

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  1. You seem to be very adept at reading his mind. :-)