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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Road Trip Food - Oklahoma Style

So I went on a short road (motorcycle) trip with my Dad this weekend. Despite the blustering wind, we had fun. We rode up to Medicine Park, OK, the village (I don't think it qualifies as a town) is very charming. It's small, quiet, and scenic. The Wichita Mountains are very close and make for nice photos. I would like to go back again and maybe do some hiking on the trails and some more sight-seeing.

On Saturday afternoon we stopped for lunch at a famous destination - Meers Store & Restaurant. The place is a dive, but charming nonetheless. They are famous for their Meersburger, apparently it is as big as a pie plate. They are very proud of their burgers.  The owner happens to have his own longhorn herd and makes the burgers from said longhorn. Yelp reviewers have rated this a 4* overall. In my opinion they are overrating it. Especially the people raving about it being the best burger they have ever eaten. Sorry but you need your taste buds adjusted.
I saw an article posted in the restaurant about the Meersburger being rated in the top 8 of this documentary in which the researchers tasted 500 some odd burgers. Not sure I agree. Off the top of my head I can think of a few better burgers....Adair's for one and Ye Old Butcher Shop for another. Maybe I should do a post about my top rated burgers. I shall think on this.

We waited a ridiculously long time to get in and eat. Dad and I both had a 1/4 lb burger not the huge burger. The meat tasted good.... like meat. It didn't have any fillers which I appreciate. However, it was over done. Dryness is disappointing. Again, in my opinon any good burger should be served medium. Well done is just too done. All in all it was a decent burger, accompanied by somewhat decent fries. I tried an onion ring and that was pretty tasty. I think the huge burger is sort of gimicky and possibly why people come to eat.... to say they've eaten a burger as big as a pie plate.

If you would like to see pictures of our ride, including Meers Store and Restaurant go here and click on the Medicine Park 2011.

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