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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tequila Tasting at Cantina Laredo

Recently my parents, Jeff and I have a friend who is a GM of one of the Cantina Laredo locations in our area. Periodically they host a Tequila dinner with a brand of tequila, this time it was Patron. They have a special menu for the dinner. Our meal this go round was Quesadila Poblano, Spinach Salad, choice of Porkchop or Crab Poblano Enchilada and Queso Blanco Flan for dessert.
Each course had a cocktail to go with it not to mention a about 1/2 an ounce of each tequila that was used to make the cocktails, strictly for tasting of course. ;)

Our Menu
I (read as Mom, Dad Jeff, and I) made notes as we progressed through the meal.
The first part of our meal we had Patron Silver Green Apple Sangria - this cocktail looked and tasted sort of like an apple-tini. I personally found it to be too sweet/tart for my tastes. But I do not like sweet drinks. My Mom liked it, as did Jeff. It was served with the quesadila poblao which was a tasty little quesadila with chorizo. They were tasty but I didn't eat both of mine, I wanted to save room for the rest of the meal.

For our salad we had a spinach salad with that had a tangy vinaigrette and cranberries. It was tasty and not over dressed as some places tend to do. The cocktail we had was a Patron Silver Tropical Cocktail. It was carmaly, coconutty, and very smooth.  We tasted the Silver by itself, it was fresh, smooth and went down easy. It complimented the salad and dressing nicely.
Patron Silver Tropical Cocktail

For our main course we had the choice of Crab Poblano Enchiladas (with arbol sauce, served on a bed of veracruz vegetables) or a Porkchop (with Pipian rojo sauce, served on a bed of poblano mashed potatoes). I chose the crab enchiladas and Jeff had the pork.
The pork was grilled, the sauce was mild with and earthy flavor. It was delish. The pork was served with potatoes and they had a good flavor with poblanos in them.
Crab Poblano Enchiladas
The crab enchiladas were awesome. I wish that they were on the regular menu, I would order them every time. They were rich, but not too rich. The sauce had more bite than the pork, it was creamy and made my mouth water just to look at. They were served with a creamed corn that was sweet and spicy, it worked very well with the sauce on the enchiladas.  We had two cocktails with this course a Patron Reposado PAMA Margarita and Patron Anejo Ultra Luxuria Margarita. It's about here that my notes get a tad hard to read. The general consensus of the reposado was it was earthy, had a little more bite than the silver but it was still smooth. The anejo didn't smell like tequila, my Mom said it smelled more like whiskey and that it burned her eyes. I was not a fan of the anejo. My Dad said he could sip this tequila. I thought it had almost a smoky flavor.
For dessert we had Queso Blano Flan and Patron's XO Cafe. The Flan was awesome, it had more of a cheesecake consistency. The tequila was neat, it had a rich coffee flavor and was like having dessert in a glass. Mom and I both thought it could be used like kahlua.
Queso Blano Flan

We had a great time, met interesting people, and ate wonderful food! I've said it before and I'll say it again. Any time Cantina Laredo has an event I am so there. They never fail to please and the service is always great. One of my favorite places to eat hands down. And I think Patron might be my new go to tequila.

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